Saturday, April 10, 2010

Since it's been a while...

This amuses me. It expresses that which I feel deep inside.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Regulation? We don't need no stinkin' we?

Check out this bit of absolute brilliance by Jeff Jarvis, the author behind What Would Google Do? and the blog BuzzMachine (

Bill of Rights in Cyberspace, amended by Jeff Jarvis

The debate on 'net-neutrality' and federal regulation of the internet rages on (albeit rather silently) without most people's immediate knowledge. I wanted to write an entire post myself, but I've been shirking my blogsponsabilities as of late, and for that I do indeed apologize. Jarvis' amendments to his own, previous work will have to due for now. His points are wonderful. I can only hope that more casual internet users can be made aware.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Verizon is a Bunch of Sleazebag Assholes

Did you know that Verizon has the ability to plant apps on your phone and charge you for them as though you downloaded them yourself? I wouldn't have believed it myself! Do you think my claim is specious? I am many things, but a liar is not one of them.

Apparently, on the 2nd at 10:30pm I accessed the Get It Now service and downloaded VZW Tones Deluxe 3.5, for which there is an immediate charge of 4MB at $1.99/MB, whether or not you actually browse and/or download any ringtones. I did NOT access this service. I did NOT download this application and yet there it is. It stares me in the face, mocking me, goading me on. I can only think of two ways this could have happened, and both options are unlikely.

Scenario A: Shortly after 10:29pm on the 2nd, my phone mysteriously disappeared into a swirling vortex of data charges and bullshit and escaped with only a few cuts from data charges and bruises from a hefty load of bullshit. Some time around 10:30pm, I was browsing and downloading ringtones like crazy and laughing all the way to the bank with the riches that have befallen me from this bullshit tempest.

Scenario B: At precisely 10:30pm on the 2nd, while sitting in my favorite chair watching television, the stars aligned, the skies cleared, and the blue moon shone down upon my phone as I put it back into my pocket. All this good fortune proved to be too much. Try as I might, the phone wouldn't fit into my pocket easily. The pocket must have been all scrunched up. Fiddling with the pocket and phone with the same hand to try and force it into place, all manner of buttons (on the touch screen, mind you!) got pressed and I managed a feat that few in this small world could ever hope to accomplish. I navigated through no fewer than six... SIX menu selection, all in different locations on the screen. Bottom center, middle left, first item, second item, and who knows after that because I am NOT going to go to the download location again and incur another $7.96 plus tax for data I have no intent on using. All this without looking. Nay, without KNOWING that I was doing it and leaving it like that until the phone went inactive and locked itself. Wow. I am amazed by my awesomeness.

I feel like I should tie this all together in a nice neat little paragraph, but I have reached the end of my wit. At my wit's end... get it?


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is this cool?

I downloaded a blog app for my iPod touch. Posting from it now. Wordpress has an official app. Why the hell doesn't google have one for blogger? Not sure that I like this. No landscape keyboard.