Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Buy: Kiss my ass!

One more store that has earned my ire. I will never step foot in there again if I can help it. They have a ridiculous return policy that was clearly designed to keep you shopping there. Any purchase of $250 or more in cash, debit or check can only be refunded to a gift card or a check mailed with...in 10 business days to your house. What the hell? Now I'm shit out of luck for 10 days.

And the bitch behind the counter had the nerve to say "To be completely honest, it's on the back of the receipt and on the wall." Guess what? I didn't read the wall and I'm sure no one does. On the back of the receipt? What good does that do me? Transaction complete and too late to do anything about it.

I get that they want to protect against some asshole that comes in and pays $10,000 for some home theater shit in cash coming in at 9am for a refund and them not having the cash. $600 though? I know they have it in the safe. Just go get me my god damned money and let me leave. I've made it perfectly clear that I don't wish to buy anything else in the dump that they have the gall to call a store. Give me my money and have a nice life.


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