Friday, April 30, 2010

Workplace Anger, or "Several Things Your Pharmacy Employees Won't Tell you"

I was going to post a list of things that piss me off at work. It was going to be like the feature in Reader's Digest called "10 Things Your *insert profession here* Won't Tell You." I was just about to post it when I remembered that I like being employed and I like receiving a paycheck.The first one was similar, but more detailed and more profane. MUCH more profane. Here is a smaller, less controversial version. READ NUMBER ONE!

Dear pharmacy customers, here are 10 things you don't know that we are thinking:

10.) I can't stand Medicaid Fraud. We know who you are. We resent paying for everything for you.
9.)  You DO have a high copay. Sorry. You signed up for the plan. If you didn't read the policy, don't blame me.
8.) We HATE that people who are not disabled use the drive through.
7.) You need to wait for me to tell you if we have the drug in stock!
6.) We HATE when you are in a hurry. Loved one just out of surgery? Take them home and come back. I'm not going to hurry because they had wisdom teeth out and are in the car half asleep.
5.) We think you are faking your pain most of the time. We can tell a sincere urgency from an impatient one.
4.) You can see that I have 9 people in line at the register. Don't hold me up with a cart full of crap you don't need.
3.) Call your own doctor for refills. They may want to see you and we have ever less time.
2.) Screw you. Shut up. Sit down. Too many of numbers 10 through 3 put me in a bad mood. I'm less efficient and make more mistakes (and that makes the wait longer!) when I'm pissed off. Let me concentrate. The sooner I finish the prescription before yours, the sooner you get to go on about your day.
1.) I will do everything in my power to hide this all from you. I want you to come back because repeat business is often good business. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have a job. Thank you for continuing to aggravate and delight me.

Please consider our feelings as well as your own. We need each other and the better you treat us, the better we will treat you.


Justin said...

Your tags outshine your blog. And the blog is excellent.

MScottW said...

Thank you. You should see the original. It's a bit longer, although I did borrow from it for this. Each item was longer and more angry.

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