Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kicking ass and buying meat

I have come to the conclusion that I don't understand people. We have been waiting for months for this kind of weather to come back; and what is the first thing that people feel the need to do? They have to get out of the house. That is not a problem, but when all they do is go shopping and clog up the roadways and grocery stores like it's fucking christmas (bad driving included), it becomes a problem. MY PROBLEM! Old people need to go back to the damn nursing home and get the fuck out of my way. Quit sauntering up the aisles at the store looking for your fucking old people food (I'm too pissed off to think of anything that old people buy) at sub-snail speeds. If you didn't know what you wanted to buy, you should not have left the house. You don't even remember how to drive, so how can you be responsible for feeding yourself or others?! I pity the poor fools who show up to your house on easter to eat canned ham, pickled eggs and wash it all down with ovaltine tainted powdered milk substitute from 1923. Shame on you!And another thing: Quit stopping to catch your breath. There is a reason you lost your breath. It is supposed to stay gone. The only trouble with that scenario is the fact that they would then fall in the middle of the aisle and be in my way even longer! Then there would be the obligatory EMTs... and I would be stuck going ALL the way around the other end of the aisle, when what I needed was just beyond the now dead old lady... What a fucking hassle.


Justin said...

What? No brilliant tags!? [VIVA INTERROBANG!]

I see no problem in stepping over a carcass of the supermarket scourge in order to get that bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's, the greatest barbecue sauce known to man.

MScottW said...

There you go. How's that for tags!? I always forget to add tags. Fucking tags.

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