Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome to Our Non-Followers

Welcome indeed--

You are dubbed non-followers as of yet because, well, you do not exist. This may be for a number of reasons, none I can hold you personally accountable for (yet), but primarily it is because we have yet to launch on any sort of public scale. MScottW and I have been talking about putting together a blog of this nature for a long time now. After half a decade (yeah, I word it that way to make it seem a more...immense...yes, immense span of time) of discussion, argument, shouting, steel cage mayhem and random, malicious skulduggery, we are finally giving it a real go here. (Everything you just read is still tentative--it must await real approval from my cohort before we really "launch," if you will.) Nevertheless, I intend to leave this post until it is as solidified as the rock of ages so that you might see how humble our angry beginnings were.

Now that you've come to see (from these test posts we've got here) that I am the...windier, more cordial, less foul-mouthed, and just generally less direct one of the current contributors, I hope you can forgive my roundaboutedness and accept that, like MScottW, I plan to tear the orifice of things that drive me mad, of which there are approximately 1,537,693,234.05 (the half is the Justin Timberlake/Timberland powerhouse; honestly, their stuff is so infectious that I have a hard time hating it outright. That's not to say I don't hold a special, withering place in my bowels for it). This blog is slated to become the space where I do said ripping, and attempt to keep that ripping as direct as I can. I promise nothing--only that my anger often diminishes my verbosity.

So read on, fellow hater. Hate as hard as you can; hate everything, even at the expense of your public image. We sure will.



MScottW said...

You can count on that. I'm not as wordy as my pal here, but I pack a crazy fuckin' vulgar punch with the occasional bowel-bursting hilarity that many have come to expect from me.

And speaking of things that are pissing me off: What the hell is with the Jesus picture?! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! He just gets on here and he's digging already! LOL

Justin said...

Digging? As a good friend of ours once said:

"I saw that picture and thought, '...why does Justin have a picture of Jesus for his profile?' Then I realized he was f*#@ing strapped. Nice!" That's almost verbatim.

Check that pic out, holmes. That's a Jesus that gets things done. Also, it's a Cuban propaganda poster. I'm no advocate for the Cuban politico, but I am a fan of their artwork.

MScottW said...

Excellent. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexcellent. I now approve. You have Jesus: Packing heat and saving souls. And I have Pixel: Probably stoned out of his skull on kitty pot and hatin' the bright light in the face.

I think I may create a separate page (linked from the main page) for silliness. I've got some funny stuff I wrote back in '98 or '99 for my old website that I think is pretty funny. Just some manic shit. I'll call it something clever or not-so-clever. You'll see. Lemme know what you think. Maybe a bit of Yang to our Yin.

See? I can be long winded and carry on like Winston Churchill on speed too.

Justin said...

I like it...but not as much as I like being Churchill on speed. Ahhr yes...

MScottW said...

Okay, I will admit Churchill was a stretch. Maybe a hyperactive Gumby or perhaps an ADHD addled Donald Trump.

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