Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some updates for your day

1.) Everyone but anonymous users should be able to comment now. I hope that is pleasing to you.
2.) I added the adult content warning because Justin and I are about to be parents and I wouldn't want my son or his daughter to be clicking "Next Blog" in a few years and stumbling on this without at least a warning that it might be harmful to young minds. Likewise, I do not wish to subject anyone else's children to this. I actually spent a little time clicking that button and found quite a few blogs that seem to be written by VERY young children (one girl was eight years old).
3.) The NavBar is back by popular demand! There was a piece of code in the template that forced it to be hidden. Mutha fuckin' DELETE, bitches! BOO-yah!
4.) I have to say that managing this blog is tough but fun. I know it's only been a few days. I've had some troubles here and there, but I am working through them. I ain't calling it quits on this bad boy! 

If anyone has any suggestions for additions, I'll hear them. I was thinking of setting up an e-mail address just for this blog so I don't have people jamming my inbox that is already full of shit from Apple, Nintendo and various other large commercial organizations (note: I get no spam. It's all shit I signed up for but that I am too lazy to unsubscribe) that are looking for me to give them my money for their objects of great desire. Any immediate suggestions may be left as comments. I may even look into a separate page here for suggestions if I can figure out how.



Justin said...

Excellent work on the updates, man. I'm very happy with everything. I only have 1 question: where the hell did our three followers go!? We worked hard to get three followers of which I am one...(don't judge my grammar; it's comedy).

MScottW said...

I still show 3 followers.Now, excuse me, my burgers are burning.

Justin said...

They are back. Who knows...I finally got the Silver Fox (my name for my Dell E1505 notebook) up and running again, and it's been touch and go with every program on it. I'm commenting again for 2 reasons:

1.) Now that we actually have the disclaimer forcing people to accept the content, we can change our tagline on the frontpage.

2.) I can't find us on Google, no matter what I type in (even if I put in the flipping URL).


I love NOT being the manager of this blog. Ha.

MScottW said...

1.) You are correct about the banner. Write something nice, would ya? Make it short and sweet. It's time you pulled a little weight around here.

2.) I tried the other day as well. I don't know what that's all about. As a test, you should use the next blog thingy to pick a blog that looks popular and google the shit out of it to see if you can find that.

Don't make me make you co-admin! I'll fuckin' do it!

Justin said...

Can I say this: you, sir, are a magnificent bastard. Your new tagline is awesome. You must keep it.

Also, if you make me co-admin, you'll be doing this alone. I realize that may appeal to you, but I'd be sad. Friends don't make friends sad over blogs that they write with their friends. Seriously. I'll do some research about the Google thing, but I'll do nothing more. Someone has to post only semi-angry blogs, and those take time, sir.

MScottW said...

After rereading the new tagline. You are correct, sir. I am a magnificent bastard. It says everything that needs to be said to describe the feeling about this blog.

Also... Puss.

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