Friday, March 26, 2010

Perhaps this will work

Maybe I will stick with this if I can get some backup. BTW: Smithwick's and blogging is a great way to spend a Friday night after having a shitty dinner at a shit hole restaurant in the ghetto. Damn chicken wasn't fucking cooked. It was probably fucked though. I did get chicken alfredo, so... EWW!


Justin said...

I'm spending my Friday in a similar fashion; the major difference being replacing Smithwick's with single malt Scotch. Having Gangs of New York on in the background isn't hurting things, either.

MScottW said...

Gangs of New York, huh? I couldn't sit through that. Jessi and I tried to watch that years ago and just couldn't get through more than 45 minutes of it. It was too boring.

Justin said...

It is fairly boring, honestly. But there is somthing about Daniel Day-Lewis that I just can't stop watching in Gangs. His character is just so damn...violent. Brilliant.

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