Friday, March 26, 2010

I forgot a few things that are burning me up.

Stay away from Joey's on Mohawk Street They apparently do not know how to thoroughly cook chicken. Upon having this fact pointed out to them (politely, even self-effacedly) they cooked it for a bit longer and it came out hotter, but still tough and most definitely still NOT cooked. Chicken should never be pink. NEVER.

My fat ass cat just came out of the closet. Literally. Asshole.

I hate stuff in my house, but I cannot seem to bring myself to part with it. What the fuck.

Big things happening. Somewhere. Not here.


Justin said...

Oh things are happening alright. Can I make a request? Can we work on a little grammatical error on the title tag-line? It's got to read "our place," if it's going to read "us." Stanks.

Justin said...

Also, I have to say, if I was selecting a place to eat, anywhere named Jody's would be out. All I can think of is the food service version of "Dougie ova-heyah"

MScottW said...

1.) Fixed the grammatical error. I had changed the end of the sentence when you hopped on board and didn't remember the rest of it. Ahhhhhhhhhfuckyou.

2.) Joey's. Not Jody's. I would give "Dougie ova-heyah's" a try though. Everything on the menu would be a wicked good deal!

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